Australia PM calls Elon Musk an 'arrogant billionaire'

Anthony Albanese's comments come amid a feud over X's reluctance to remove footage of a stabbing.

How robots are taking over warehouse work

At Ocado's newest warehouse robotic arms are helping to pack customer orders.

Three-year-olds groomed online, charity warns

IWF says many were likely filmed remotely while using phones or other handheld devices at home.

EU may suspend money-for-views TikTok feature

The feature, which pays users to go on TikTok, could be temporarily suspended as early as Thursday.

Grindr sued for allegedly revealing users' HIV status

The LGBTQ+ dating app is being sued in a class action lawsuit over allegedly misusing users' data.

Can touchless tech create 'equitable' gaming?

Click reporter Paul Carter has a go at playing Minecraft with his eyes.

Tesla cuts prices in major markets as sales fall

The move comes after the firm reported a sharp fall in deliveries in the first three months of 2024.

From WhatsApp to Greggs - why is tech going down more?

Experts say tech outages do seem to be happening more often.

TikTok warns US ban would 'trample free speech'

The US House of Representatives voted on Saturday to ban the app if TikTok's owner does not cut China ties.

Influential women's tech network shuts down unexpectedly

Women Who Code, which had hundreds of thousands of members globally, has dissolved after a board vote.

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