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CDK Global outage caused by BlackSuit ransomware attack

The BlackSuit ransomware gang is behind CDK Global's massive IT outage and disruption to car dealerships across North America, according to multiple sources familiar with the matter.

Ratel RAT targets outdated Android phones in ransomware attacks

An open-source Android malware named 'Ratel RAT' is widely deployed by multiple cybercriminals to attack outdated devices, some aiming to lock them down with a ransomware module that demands payment on Telegram.

Los Angeles Unified confirms student data stolen in Snowflake account hack

The Los Angeles Unified School District has confirmed a data breach after threat actors stole student and employee data by breaching the company's Snowflake account.

US sanctions 12 Kaspersky Lab execs for working in Russian tech sector

The Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has sanctioned twelve Kaspersky Lab executives for operating in the technology sector of Russia.

Change Healthcare lists the medical data stolen in ransomware attack

UnitedHealth has confirmed for the first time what types of medical and patient data were stolen in the massive Change Healthcare ransomware attack, stating that data breach notifications will be mailed in July.

Five men convicted for operating illegal streaming site Jetflicks

A federal jury in Las Vegas convicted five men for their involvement in the operation of Jetflicks, one of the largest and most popular illegal streaming services in the United States.

Tor Browser 13.5 brings Android enhancements, better bridge management

The Tor Project has released Tor Browser 13.5, bringing several improvements and enhancements for Android and desktop versions.

CDK warns: threat actors are calling customers, posing as support

CDK Global has cautioned customers about unscrupulous actors calling them and posing as CDK agents or affiliates to gain unauthorized systems access. The warning follows ongoing cyberattacks that have hit CDK, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that thousands of US car dealerships rely upon.

Biden bans Kaspersky antivirus software in US over security concerns

Today, the Biden administration has announced an upcoming ban of Kaspersky antivirus software and the pushing of software updates to US companies and consumers, giving customers until September 29, 2024, to find alternative security software.

Phoenix UEFI vulnerability impacts hundreds of Intel PC models

A newly discovered vulnerability in Phoenix SecureCore UEFI firmware tracked as CVE-2024-0762 impacts devices running numerous Intel CPUs, with Lenovo already releasing new firmware updates to resolve the flaw.